"Just couldn't live without Mech-Q"
Terry Welch, Phoenix, AZ

Mech-Q Engineering Software

Mech-Q Full Suite

If your looking for powerful Engineering Software that that gets the job done, look no further. Mech-Q is AutoCAD Mechanical, Structural, HVAC, and Piping all in one suite! Mech-Q is used by more than 25,000 engineering and drafting professionals world wide.

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  • Comprehensive pipe, fittings, and valves
  • Create Rectangular, round and flat oval ducting
  • Includes range of mechanical symbols & housings, gears and more
  • Create steel details, shapes, stairs and more

And many more features…
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What our users say

"We have proved over time and time again that we are more efficient drawing our 3D pipe systems using Mech-Q than with Autodesk's Inventor..."
Alan Mullin, Cheshire, UK
(Mech-Q user for 10 years)

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