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AViCAD 2021 Release

AViCAD 2021 Release

AViCAD 2021

Major AViCAD Update!

AViCAD 2021 release is available now and includes:

  • – Improved performance
  •  -Support for 2021 Dwg’s and earlier
  • – New Tool Pallets
  • – Additional optimization for 4K displays
  • – Improvements to CUI editor
  • – New commands
  • – Many new file types supported
  • – Express Tools updated
  • – New interface for External References
  • – Improved Mech-Q
  • – New Structural Tool Palletes
  •   Many new commands
  • – Many other bug fixes and compatibility improvements
  • – And much more

Plus these new features also available in our new Plus version:

  • – New PDF to DWG converter
  • – Solidworks, IGES and STP file types supported
  • – And much more

AViCAD includes thousands of extra tools to make you instantly productive. No other CAD package comes close to what we offer

We developed AViCAD with one goal in mind. To provide engineers with a CAD program containing all the necessary tools and features missing in other CAD programs …. and all at one unbelievable price that even small shops can afford.


Matt from Illinois writes in:

“After spending a lot of time using AutoCAD®, I decided to look for better alternatives because of its computer modeling, graphic design, and 3-D modeling limitations. I was a bit skeptical on the thought of finding a better alternative until I came across AViCAD, and I was completely blown away on how affordable, easy to use and functional it is. The functionality and usability of its engineering tools (Mech-Q) are way better than what I had previously imagined. There was no learning curve needed to navigate the software and no limitations while using the software. It makes my job much easier and faster too. I really wish I had found this earlier – “

AViCAD is your perfect AutoCAD® alternative

Just like Matt, you too can take advantage of AViCAD today. Along with our Lifetime license, we also offer affordable monthly or yearly subscriptions. Have questions? Visit our helpdesk today.

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What our users say

... since I started to use Mech-Q Piping software there has been a big increase in my output. I had found Mech-Q Piping is very easy to use and is a great product.
John Beavis, New Zealand

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