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Here’s what’s new!

Here’s what’s new!

Thanks for your interest in Mech-Q. We are happy to announce a brand new Mech-Q (and AViCAD) release. If you are a current Mech-Q user, ask us for a quote. Free updates are also available if you purchased less than one year ago.

Auto-Save Mech-Q Settings Feature

A recent addition is the ability to auto-save your Mech-Q settings to the drawing itself. You can also manually save and load your settings via your hard drive.

Changing how Mech-Q saves your settings means you could set up a Mech-Q/Acad drawing template for one spec and then another for a different spec. Each drawing will then remember its own Mech-Q setup and 2D/3D draw modes, layer settings, units, and more.

This new change improves Mech-Q’s overall speed and allows you to save your settings as you upgrade your computer or Mech-Q itself.

Although there are many ways to use this feature, remember that all Mech-Q settings are always saved to your drawing or templates for safekeeping.

To explain how to use this feature – have a look at the video below:

Current promotions

For the next couple of weeks, we’ll offer special pricing on our products. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Mech-Q improvements

Below is a list of new items in our latest Mech-Q release. You can also view the earlier Mech-Q changelog.

If you have any questions please visit our help desk. We appreciate your interest in our CAD products.

v 4.37
4 months ago

Mech-Q is now fully compatible with:
AutoCAD 2025
AutoCAD LT 2025
Bricscad V24
GstarCAD 2024
CADian 2024

Improvements in piping, ducting, and structural modules for better performance and stability.

Victaulic Couplings: New feature to set pipe direction

Piping Labels: Improved for better usability

Custom Flanges: Enhanced

New Cope Tool for 3D Beams

New Steel Section MC12x14.3

Structural : Enhanced Handrail Drawing

Aluminum Stringers and Treads:

Ducting Better 2D Elbow Handling:

Ducting Expanded BOM Options:

Ducting Flex Duct 2 Plane Draw:

Ducting More Table/Balloon Option

Data Import/Export: Easier data handling

v 4.35
1 year ago

Mech-Q is now Fully Compatible with:

AutoCAD LT 2024 (v2024 only)
CADMate & CADMate Mechanical
progeCAD 2024
GstarCAD 2023

Piping P&ID – Improved control valve selection

Ducting Add no units option for labels

Structural Stairs: Handrail draw on top of channel stringer

Ladders: option to specify cage base height.

Several bugs and minor problems were fixed for: Piping Ducting Structural & in General

v 4.32
2 years ago

Mech-Q compatibility and more

Mech-Q is now Fully Compatible with: Bricscad V23 CADian 2023 IntelliCAD 2023 ZWCAD 2023

Piping 0-89 Elb, Cut Angle listed in BOM Piping-Iso :Add option to add spool number to BOM Piping -Iso: Add Weld Counter

Ducting Diffusers – add side duct option Flexible Duct 3D – Add multi-point input smooth duct. Transform – Allow different end connections.

Structural Handrailing: Added square welded-type. Welding symbol – Allow any size Several bugs and minor problems fixed, including:

BOM (All) – Allow Balloons to a set Horizontal or vertical location.

Database Editor, More clear messaging when editing and saving

Piping Iso Piping – Error "i7" fixed. Schematic piping not working – fixed. 2D Piping Run with 45deg Elbs Draw error fixed. Ducting Tees throat – auto defetting to default – fixed. Tees Flange rotation Tees90deg off – fixed. Tees ext. Length (T1, T2…) error-Fixed. Structural Bracing not working – fixed. Mechanical

2 years ago

Mech-Q is now fully compatible with AutoCAD 2023

Mech-Q is now fully compatible with AutoCAD 2023

Piping – Vessels: Add "Save design" feature

Database Editor:  Add option to export data files changed via database editor to an external folder, making it easy to copy changes to other computers.

Ducting – Improved elevation and length labels ◦ 3D Transitions (Ecc&2F): Add mirror option. BOD&TOD label located top of duct.

AviCAD CUI upgraded to IntelliCAD v10

Several bug fixes and minor software errors fixed.

2 years ago

Compatibility release with improvements

Mech-Q is now fully compatible with: AutoCAD 2023, Bricscad V22,IntelliCAD 2022, ElettraCAD 2021

Piping : 3D Rotation

Ducting: 3D-Preset Elevation function, Elbows & Bends – More efficient drawing steps , Flexible Duct – Extend range & new options.

Piping: Reducers not setting next size, Sanitary Piping – 90deg Elb, CI & M/C coupling fixed , BOM – not saving table setting

Ducting: Tees, Cross – no image, Sidewall registers, Transitions, Elbows (SQ) – Rotation problem , Branches Rec. Shoe Trap

3 years ago

Improvements and Additions

ZWmech now compatible with ZWCAD 2022

Add option to "Hard" Reset the Settings and CFG

Vessels: Add No Support option

ISO Piping BOM: Show CFG at start

ISO Piping – Add custom object

Ecc Reducers – Improve rotation options

Add EN standard pipe, fittings & flanges

2D Duct: Allow UCS rotation & drawing

Duct Transforms: Add Rnd to FO and FO to Rnd

3 years ago

Mech-Q is now compatible with AutoCAD 2022

General: Added New Units options: Metric (cm) English (Ft)

4.24.001 (General)
4 years ago

Mech-Q now compatible, AviCAD 2021, CADian 2021, progeCAD 2021 ZWmech and ZWCAD 2021

GEN BOM: Balloon data input improved

CFG now saved in drawing disctionary Improving performance, versatility & options

Minimise data reading from extenal files Improving loading performance & execution speed

Improved data files & "Reset Defaults" operation

4.24.001 (Piping)
4 years ago

Improvements and Additions

PE-BW – added more reducer sizes

Weldolets – Added more sizes

Add options to always start with main dialogue

4.24.001 (Piping Fixes)
4 years ago

Several bug fixes and minor software errors fixed.

P&ID: "Not Assigned value error – fixed

ISO Victaulic coupling – draw error fixed

PVC 45 Elb (3d) – Fix profile

Vessels: edit window not working – fixed

MJ Fitting – correct d'base file

AutoSlope not turning off – fixed

4.24.001 (Ducting Fixes)
4 years ago

Correct layer color – first item drawn

Development not working – fixed

SQ Throat Elbow (3d) – Angle fixed


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