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Happy Holidays – here’s what’s new!

Thanks for your interest in Mech-Q. We are happy to announce a brand new Mech-Q (and AViCAD) release. If you are a current Mech-Q user ask us for a quote. Free updates also available if you have purchased less than 1 year ago. Auto-Save Mech-Q Settings Feature A recent addition is the ability to auto-save […]

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AViCAD 2022 Release Available in Plus or Standard

Major AViCAD Update!   AViCAD 2022 Standard release is available now and includes: – Improved performance – New interface  -Support for 2022 DW˝G’s and earlier – Improved Tool Palletes – New Advanced Grips – Additional optimization for 4K displays – Improved CUI editor – New commands, too many to list here – Express Tools updated […]

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Latest Mech-Q Updates

Our latest Mech-Q release offers a new piping and features that integrates inside our engineering and pipeline software suite and allows CAD users to dynamically rotate various fittings into place at any angle. The Mech-Q Suite is available for AutoCAD and IntelliCAD as an add-on. The Mech-Q Suite can optionally be purchase as a part […]

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Mech-Q updates and changelog for 2020 and earlier

Since 1992 Mech-Q has been empowering engineers worldwide with invaluable tools that get the job done. Take a look at what we have improved upon over the last couple of years …

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How to unfold 3D shapes and create 2D templates

Plate ‘n’ Sheet REALLY is as easy as it looks! Plate ‘n’ Sheet Professional Software unfolds sheet metal shapes commonly used in the ducting, piping and other steel fabrication industries. Flattened shapes can be produced quickly and easily by entering values such as diameter, height and angles into a user-friendly dialogue box. No need to […]

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AViCAD latest version update

We have recently released a full CAD Application called AViCAD. It includes tools for Mechanical Process Plant, Piping Design and Architectural drawings. AViCAD provides a compete CAD solution for Engineers, Architects and Draftspersons with a AutoCAD®-like interface. When comparing the price of AViCAD’s with cost of AutoCAD®, AViCAD saves you 80% as compared to full […]

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“… this is the most functional toolbox for all engineering disciplines I have ever been privilege in using. Thank you for your wonderful product!”
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